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Roy Hopkins

Owner – Over 20+ yrs Experience.

Roy founded Pro Fitness 24 August of 2011 and has trained 1000+ clients and athletes from across Eastern North Carolina in fitness, athletic and baseball instructional training. Roy verbally committed to ECU his junior year in high school at DH Conley, however an arm injury he received his senior year held his scholarship back.

Roy did extensive rehab for over a year and continued on to earn a baseball scholarship at Pitt Community College and was 2 year conference starter.

Roy attended UNC Chapel Hill for 1 semester, however he quickly realized ECU was where his heart belonged (GO PIRATES!) Roy earned his Bachelors of Science in Health & Human Performance (Exercise & Sports Science) degree in 2006’ from East Carolina University.

Baseball & Sports Experience

Chelsie Hopkins

Co-Owner & Pro Trainer

As a busy mom of 4 that has dealt with body image issues and has ranged from underweight to obese, Chelsie understands the struggles most women face.

Chelsie is an ISSA Personal Trainer that also specializes in Nutritional support and guidance. Chelsie fell in love with training after her own personal transformation and made the decision to inspire others and help guide them to their personal fitness goals.

She is a Greenville native, active as a dog rescuer, and fitness lover. Chelsie emphasizes the importance of establishing fitness as a long term lifestyle change and how to prioritize health& wellness in a busy lifestyle

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